Gambling  Abbreviations

A: Away

ART:  Artificial Turf

ATS: Against The Spread.

BB: Back to Back

CON:  Conference

DOG:  Underdog

DD:  Double Digit

DIV: Division

FAV:  Favorite

H:  Home

HD:  Home Dog

HF:  Home Favorite

HL: Home Loss

L:  Last

LHG/LRG:  Last Home Game/Road Game

LY:  Last Year
MRT:  Most Recent (ATS) Trend

N: Neutral

NAT: Natural Grass

OPP: Opponent

O/U: Over/Under

PTA: Points Against

RD: Road Dog

REG: Regular

REV: Revenge

RF: Road Favorite

S:  Since

SEA: Season

STR: Strike (Season)

SU: Straight Up

VS: Versus

Y: Year
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